The Rise of Mobile Slot Games: Gaming on the Go

While mobile slots such as Irish Luck at Wizardslots have gained so much popularity now, their history is actually relatively short. Mechanical slot machines were first developed in the 1890s and did not incorporate electronics until the 1960s. They were not truly random until the introduction of RNG in 1984 by IGT. As the internet became popular in the 1990s and the first online casino was established, slot machines became available to play online.

Today, you can enjoy slot gaming on your mobile device. This article will discuss how mobile slot games came into existence and the future of gambling on the go.

What is Mobile Slot Gaming

Mobile slots are online slot games optimized for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. These games use HTML5 technology for high-quality graphics and appealing designs. You can enjoy mobile slots on a website or a casino application.

The Beginning

Initially, slot machines were mechanical. You had to pull levers physically to get the reels spinning. The slot machines only featured a few symbols and paylines. However, that all changed when the first electromechanical slot, Fortune Coin, was introduced in the 1970s. Many gamblers at the time found it hard to trust the slot machine’s technology.

In 1978, IGT bought the company that developed the slot and made several improvements. RNG was one of the best improvements. Online slots started to appear during the digital revolution in the 1990s.

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The First Mobile Slot

Phones that could connect to the internet were introduced in the early 2000s. After that, many companies started coming up with ideas of how they could bring gambling to mobile devices. In 2005 it finally became a reality, and the first mobile slot game was invented. The slot was called Pub Fruity. It featured a colourful display that aimed to emulate a pub-themed slot machine.

Pub Fruity had only three reels and rows with various winning symbol combinations. However, you could not win real money on mobile devices.

In 2007, Apple Inc. released the iPhone. Later that year, they also released App Store, an app that allowed software developers to market their games directly to consumers.

Though after mobile devices became powerful enough to process the high speed for games, developers still experienced challenges programming mobile slot games. This was because they could not run on the same software computer did.

Luckily the introduction of HTLML5 helped them achieve cross-platforming. You can now play the same games on PC or mobile and still get the same experience. Modern mobile slots have a variety of features, and there is much to enjoy in the gameplay.

The Future of Mobile Slots

The future promises improvement in slots. Soon, smartwatches will also allow you to enjoy slots. Also, with the growth of VR technology, we expect to see many more immersive slot games.

Mobile slot gaming has taken over traditional gaming and PC gaming because of its convenience and simplicity. The casino offers you a wide range of games, bonuses and many exciting features in the gameplay.

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