What are the symptoms & signs of liver transplant and who requires undergoing this surgery?

The human body, irrespective of age, gender, and geographical location is prone to experiencing illness, ailments and diseases of different types from time to time. There are numerous reasons cited for this including pollution, wrong lifestyle and dietary habits, lack of exercise and the like. One vital organ present in the human body that plays a significant role in the liver that may be affected by some disease or ailment and require immediate treatment. If the person is recommended by the medical specialist to undergo liver transplantation surgical remedy, then he/she can take respite as liver transplant cost in India is quite low and reasonable. 

About the liver

It essentially means people cannot image imagine life without having a properly functioning liver. This particular organ does serve several critical functions within the body. It includes the metabolism of toxins, drugs, and removal of degradation products as well as a synthesis of vital enzymes and proteins that is necessary for human survival and growth. 

It is in two channels that blood enters the liver, namely the portal vein and hepatic artery. The liver cells are provided with the necessary oxygen and nutrients. It is referred to as bile ducts and hepatocytes. Again, blood leaves the liver through the hepatic veins, while draining into inferior vena cava to enter immediately the heart region. Moreover, the responsibility to create bile, a liquid which is required to dissolve fat is done by the liver. Each hepatocyte is found to generate bile, which is then taken by the bile ducts to the hepatic duct, which then is transported to the intestine region. 

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Who is recommended to undergo liver transplantation?

Liver transplantation as per the medical experts is stated to be a procedure in which the failing liver is replaced surgically with a healthy and normal one. Transplantation of the liver is also stated to be the only cure to treat the failing liver. There are several conditions which may require the person to undergo liver transplantation procedure. Acute liver failure is one of the major reasons for availing the transplantation procedure. It occurs if the healthy liver tends to suffer some massive injury at any piton of time. Several other reasons are also cited which may cause liver inefficiency. At times, the cause for the liver to fail can be viral infections in the region. The onset of yellowing of the skin is stated to be the primary sign for liver disease to take place. 

Symptoms & signs of decompensate liver ailment

  • Fluid retention: Synthesizing proteins in huge amounts is one of the major roles played by a healthy and normal functioning liver. These proteins are said to circulate within the bloodstream and includes albumin. This along with other proteins present in the blood is found to retain fluid within the vascular space through the exertion of pressure. Albumin if present in low levels is likely to compel the fluid to move out of blood stream. It is not possible for the fluid to be reabsorbed into the blood. It only accumulates within the body tissues as well as the body cavities. The common area where albumin accumulates is stated to be the abdominal region. Fluid may also accumulate within the chest cavity and the legs. But the intake of medications and dietary salt may cause fluid retention to become limited in nature. Intermittent drainage via needle insertion through the chest cavity or abdominal area can be a suggested method of treatment to cure the issue. 
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding: If the liver gets scarred then its resistance towards the portal flow of blood increases, while there is also noticed build-up of pressure within the portal nervous system. 
  • Jaundice: Another important function played by the liver is to do away with hemoglobin degradation products. Bilirubin is stated to be a product excreted by the liver. If the liver fails, there is no excretion of bilirubin in the body, while there is noticed an increase in the bloodstream level. Blood along with other body tissues appear yellowish in color. 
  • Encephalopathy: Liver if not able to clear toxins and ammonia present in the blood will mean the accumulation of such dangerous substances in the body. This causes cognitive dysfunction ranging from a mild coma to disturbed sleep. 
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Liver transplant cost in India is low and it is possible to keep the liver intact and functional.

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