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This application sector is gaining a lot of importance due to its use commercially and domestically. There are so many benefits of using an android app in daily life. If you have an android phone then you must have android apps present in your mobile devices to use them for your ease. You need an app from texting someone to downloading videos, all your problems and necessities can be sorted out by installing various apps in your mobile. If we talk about social media then the most and widely used application is Whatsapp App Download 2018. This is the most common app used for messaging, sharing photos and videos, uploading status, etc. this application comes up with the most simple and easy to use user interface. 

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While talking about social media services providers we more get to hear about the common and most popular app i.e. Whatsapp. It is the most used app worldwide. If you have a smartphone then it’s for sure you will install WhatsApp. This app is commonly used for communication by all the people. Whatsapp is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. With the help of this application, you not only share messages but also can share documents, photos, videos, files, audios and much more on this single platform without even spending a single penny from your pocket. Due to its new features and updates, it can also be operated on not only on mobile phones but also on laptops and computers. 

This application can also be used for business purposes and in today’s time, this application is used s medium for online selling of goods via Whatsapp. Many small business owners or even house makers are taking the help of Whatsapp and using it as a medium for selling their goods. Businesses can handle their customer services with the help of WhatsApp. Key highlights of the app:

  • Simple user interface
  • Unlimited messaging and calling
  • Free of cost
  • Sharing everything via Whatsapp.
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The other most used app among people is Vidmate 2018. Vidmate is the leading application with a large number of downloads. YouTube allows its users to watch unlimited videos online but do not allow them to download them for later use. it always requires a good internet connection to watch videos. It is not always possible to have good internet network wherever we go. In an emergency or in leisure time without an internet connection, we cannot watch our favorite movies, videos, TV shows or something else. So we need an app which allows us to download our favorite videos from not only YouTube but from other social media or links too. Key highlights of this app are:

  • Unlimited video downloading
  • Free of cost
  • Format options available
  • Faster downloading feature
  • Small in size or less storage required
  • Free of interruptions
  • Online streaming of videos
  • High-quality resolutions available 
  • Simple and easy to use interface

These are some of the most leading apps used and recommended by many people who have come up with so many exciting features and benefits to grab.

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