What modern surgical methods and specialized branches are present in Neurology surgery?

People of different ages are found to be affected by different types of health issues, with the common one being related to the nerves. Neurology is considered to be a medical specialty related to surgical treatment, diagnosis and rehab of disorders affecting the nervous system. It includes the peripheral nervous system, spinal cord, extracranial cerebrovascular system, and the brain. It is known to deal with providing treatment to various types of congenital conditions, infections, trauma, and degenerative conditions. The best neurosurgeon like Dr. N k Venkataramana can take care of various types of nerve-related issues including the following:

  • Infection causes – Meningitis
  • Congenital conditions – Hydrocephalus
  • Degenerative diseases – Parkinson’s disease
  • Trauma – Spinal or head trauma causing internal bleeding


Neurosurgery has been divided into several categories and specialized branches. 

  • Endovascular and vascular neurosurgery: This surgical remedy is prescribed to provide treatment to diagnosed strokes, carotid stenosis, aneurysms, spinal malformations, and vasospasms. Surgical treatments for such conditions most of the time are conducted by using minimally invasive techniques like embolization or angioplasty. 
  • General neurosurgery: It includes many conditions related to neurological emergencies or trauma, with an example being intracranial hemorrhage. 
  • Spinal surgery: This form of surgical remedy includes treating disorders that affects the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spinal region. The common conditions faced include spinal cord compression caused generally due to spondylosis or trauma and arthritis in spinal discs. The general symptoms noticed is tickling and numbness taking place in the feet and hands and balance deficiency. 
  • Peripheral nerve surgery: It is a common form of surgical remedy provided and includes carpal tunnel decompression to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral nerve transposition. It also provides treatment to different types of nerve entrapment issues and conditions like:
    • Epilepsy, functional and stereotactic neurosurgery are few of the vital parts of neurosurgery. Besides such specialized branches, neurosurgery tends to include different surgical methods to diagnose and treat different neurosurgery conditions. There have emerged more modern alternatives in recent years. Surgeons prefer to use such modern methods, since they are found to be more effective and less invasive. Conventional methods do require undertaking open surgery, in which case, the skull gets opened up to provide easy access to the brain region for treatment purpose. The latest techniques that have been introduced also allow the medical specialists to treat surgically neurological conditions by making minimal invasions or small openings with the help of endoscopes, microscopes and other such methods. Medical emergencies and traumatic cases are offered with open surgical remedies. 
    • Endoscopic neurosurgery: This form of surgery is stated to be used to treat cerebrospinal fluid leakage, pituitary tumors, colloid cysts, hydrocephalus, and other issues. 
    • Microsurgery: In this form of surgery, there is used microscopic technology to allow surgeons to provide treatment to affected regions in the brain by making small openings. The area of treatment gets magnified in this case. Advanced, sophisticated equipment available nowadays, allow surgeons to carry out complicated procedures with this surgical procedure. Surgeons also find this procedure to be convenient and less invasive and painless. 
    • Neuroradiology: This also is a crucial part of latest neurosurgery and tends to play a significant role to diagnose and treat a variety of neurological conditions. Few techniques include the following:
      • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
      • CT Scan (Computer-assisted imaging)
      • MEG (Magnetoencephalography)
      • PET (Positron emission tomography)
      • Stereotactic radiosurgery
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There are numerous modern procedures and techniques conducted by Dr. N k Venkataramana Neurosurgeon. Such professionals are known to use the latest medical equipment to make neurology surgery a great success and allowing the patients to enjoy respite and relief from the pain faced from different types of issues that they have contracted related to this field. The neurosurgeons being professionals in the field are well equipped to offer patients with appropriate and accurate care and treatment as and when required. The top hospitals and doctors have the right qualification and knowledge to provide patients with complete treatment to cure brain tumor, Alzheimer’s disease, Wilson disease, head injury, and neurology surgery. Patients of all ages and gender can now get respite and enjoy their life and ensure being disease-free.

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