Why is there more sex at the beginning of a relationship?

Beginning relationships is usually easy considering that there is a mutual desire to be together at all times. It’s a sometimes endless desire that seems like it will never change, even though we know it’s not like that and things end up getting cold with time, either by personal experience or knowing that there are specific studies. Since love and sex move boundaries and overcome barriers in a person’s life, there are important things to consider at the beginning of any relationship.

Meeting someone is always a mixture of feelings, that damned horny that makes everything seem very easy in bed. New acquaintances, or perhaps in love for already being together for finally, what matters is to spend each and every moment together having sex between affectionate, attentive, wild and full of novelties, knowing what the other can give more special. Those days of blind passion, flowers and roses, wines and good dinners, or who knows even, days of fasting fueled only by a crazy desire to be with that certain someone who is putting someone else’s heart to the fire test. The stomach is anxious and restless, the butterflies in the belly really want to be free and are full of desire to squeeze the new partner like that little girl in that cartoon used to do with her pets. 

As said above, people in love become blind, they lose sight of essential elements about the character and personality of the person they decide to put in their lives. Women then, as is well known, give in much more at first and end up giving in to situations that they do not desire and often do not expect. But at this point of “blindness” nothing seems to worry them and they end up putting up with it, since the chemistry is totally out of control. 

It’s normal to have excessive illusions at the beginning of any relationship, even more so if it’s an overwhelming passion and the chemistry that’s at stake exceeds many expectations that may have been created.

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But then, what is the relationship between horniness and the beginning of relationships? 

It is already known that there is attraction, nervousness, continuous excitement, a constant need to kiss and hug and desire, a lot of desire. The sexual appetite is insatiable and almost always uncontrollable (who has never been to a party with a Sydney Escort) and left in a hurry to have sex?) The mind seems even disturbed and apparently there aren’t many problems between one and the other.

On the other hand, physiologically speaking, when we are with someone who satisfies our needs, be it for motivation, understanding and support, be it because the sex is the best in the galaxy or because something different happens skin to skin, the organism asks for more and more to experience that sensation of stimulation that is being generated in the encounters or in the conversations. 

It is not necessary to go into details of studies or to try to go deep to understand that every beginning, whatever it may be in life, brings euphoria and a great desire to know what is new. And when it comes to someone who is beginning to be part of someone else’s life, if these relationships are gratifying and give a feeling of pleasure, the organism of the person who feels happy and fulfilled will again ask to experience that feeling of satisfaction that it generates. It even seems that there is a reward system and the logic of this, if there is any logic for a person to go blind and give themselves so madly to someone, is that during the sexual act the excitement produces more hormones which are the same as when we do sport and when we eat chocolates they are released and give a sensation of satisfaction and relaxation.

In the mouth to mouth conversations between friends it is normal to have comments about sexual achievements when something is new, like when you have sex for the first time with one of the beautiful London escort who post their ad on Simple Escorts. New relationships or affairs stimulate the routine between the two and end up being the focus in the lives of those who are entering this novelty. Among so many euphoric comments about this novelty, it is always clear that the more sex you do, the more sex you have, in that order or as you prefer! Anyone who has felt this desire knows that at the beginning of everything the couple in question does not have a routine together, continue with the desire to surprise and not fall into the sameness favours that sex continues to be stimulated and is something primordial in almost every encounter. 

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For at least a few months there is no time for love. On the other hand, a trust and bond begins to be created that shows affection and feelings. Here begins that feeling of warmth and responsible love. The basis of love for coexistence begins, which will be capable of prolonging this relationship.

At this moment, the attempt not to fall into a routine and to continue spicing up the romance comes into play. Even more important than knowing the reason why we have more sex at the beginning of a relationship is knowing how to maintain this connection and spicy atmosphere as much as possible for much more than a few months. And keeping up a healthy routine as at the beginning of a relationship is essential. 

It’s always worth the tip to keep trying to maintain that desire to continue together, trying to be creative and not letting the routine kill the desire and turn everything into sameness!

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