The Three Worst Bets You Can Make in A Casino

Betting on Sports or Casino

Some players believe that results from Online Cricket Betting ID and other casino games are never random. They might think that casinos rig the games or that sitting at the same game for a while will trigger a payout eventually. However, while games do have certain predetermined payout percentages, which allow them to make a profit, there is still plenty of chances where players can outsmart them.

By making the best bets in the house and avoiding the ones with terrible house edges or payout percentages, you will minimize your losses and might end up leaving with some extra money in your pocket.

For example, certain games like Cricket ID and baccarat can give you an almost 50% chance of winning. And they are impossible to rig since the casino has no idea what you’ll be betting on. Not that casinos have a reason to rig any games at all, since they are already designed to produce revenue in the long run.

Still, certain bets are so terrible that you should avoid them altogether. Here are the games and bets within a game that are known as “sucker bets”. Avoid these at all costs.


The game of Keno is attractive to some players because it’s so simple to play. It closely resembles playing the lottery and all players need to do is pick from 9- 15 winning numbers out of 80. Every few minutes in popular casinos numbers are drawn and any winners are revealed.

But if you know how the lottery works, you’ll know that it has a very high house edge that can go up to 50%. Keno is only slightly better with a house edge that can be somewhere between 20- 40 percentage. Which doesn’t seem bad in comparison. However, when you compare it to other games in the casino

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Sic Bo – 2-Face Domino Bet with a House Edge of 18.52%

Dice games like craps are not bad options, however, some bets in those games are not worth it at all. In Sic Bo, you bet on the outcome of a 3-dice roll. While the house edge is somewhat high on many bets in this game, none are worse than the 2 face-up domino bet. It has a whopping 18.52% house edge.

The 2-face domino is a wager on 2 that 2 specific numbers will come up in the roll.

Craps – Any 7 Bet with a House Edge of 16.6%

In the fun game of craps, betting on the outcome of the next roll will determine whether you win or lose. Like any 7 bet, which is that the outcome of two rolls will result in a total of 7. The odds of this happening and you winning is about 5-1. This is bad, however, the payoff is only 4 to 1. Therefore, it’s not worth it to make this bet.

These are some of the worst bets you can make in a casino. Alternately, there are plenty of bets totally worth making as well. Just make sure you’re choosing the right online casino. As you will find at Thailand Online Casino, there’s more to online betting than you might think!

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