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Resmi Nair, a Kerala model is also a famous South Indian model, actress, and social media influencer, and activist. She is even known for her fascinating presence in the world of glamor, fashion, and social awareness campaigns. She has been recognized for her eccentric journey from an IT professional to a skilled model, breaking bars and stereotypes along the way. So keep reading because here you will get every fact about Resmi Nair age, career, early life and personal life. 

Who is Resmi Nair? An Overview


Real Name Resmi N Nair
Nickname Ammu
Profession Model, Actress
Date of Birth 5 June 1992
Place of Birth Kollam, Kerala, India
Age 31 years Old
Qualification B.Tech (ECE)
Father’s Name Ramachandran Nair
Mother’s Name Radhamani Amma
Marital Status Married
Spouse Rahul Pasupalan
Official Instagram ID @resmi_r_nair_office

Physical Status

Being a model and an actress, Resmi needs to be fit and slim. This may be due to exercise and a good diet that she has a good looking figure.

Height 5’55’’
Weight 56 Kg
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Fair

Resmi Nair Early Life

Resmi Nair model who hails from a middle-class family was born on 5 June 1992 at Kollam in Kerala. From a very young age, Resmi had a deep interest in acting and wanted to mark her place in the film industry. She pursued her education at a local school in Kerala named Mount Tabor Girls School and she completed her graduation in ECE from St. Michael College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu. Later completing her education she started working in Tata Consultancy Services.  Today she is working as a fashion model, South Indian actress, and social media influencer. You can also check out details of her life and work on the Resmi Nair wiki page.

Resmi Nair Career

Resmi did not start her career as a model or an adult actress. She has an engineering degree from ECE and worked in Tata Consultancy Services. Her modeling career shaped up afterwards. It is quite surprising how an engineering girl moved to the glamor world. 

Since childhood Resmi has had this passion for acting that made her move. Initially to begin her journey as a model she traveled to Chennai. Her sensuous photographs made her land in many bold photoshoots and shoots. Resmi Nair photo made her debut in National Magazines. Her face is very frequent in Playboy Magazine. In 2014 she was a part of Playboy’s Miss Social Contest and was one of the finalists. 

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This made her get offers to do shoots and bold movies. With this, she is also a social media influencer. She does collaborations and brand shots to maximize her earnings. If you want or are a fan of her then you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. You can also watch her on her  YouTube channel and  Resmi R Nair Website.

Resmi Nair Film Career

The fearless nature, acting prowess, and willingness to take on challenging roles garnered praise from peers, critics, and audience. She has shared the screen with respected actors in many Malayalam films. Her amazing chemistry with co-actors has been widely appreciated. Yet not receiving any mainstream awards she didn’t lose her dedication and her nuanced portrayals made her a respected figure in the film industry.

Resmi Nair Modeling Achievements

The way Resmi Nair carried herself and having striking features coupled with her strong confident nature made her the face of many national magazines. Through magazines, she has been a part of many renowned publications. 

She began her modeling career in 2012 by participating in the Miss Kerala beauty pageant and became the runner-up and this gave her the confidence to pursue full-time modeling. She also walked the ramps of many fashion shows and also appeared in different TV commercials.

Being a traditional actor and an Indian beauty she can blend this with contemporary styles. This made her cast for both modern and traditional fashion shoots. What made Resmi Nair photo reach heights was her entry into the international modeling industry. She started getting recognition and achieved an innovative milestone by getting featured in Playboy. Playboy is a magazine that is recognized globally for its influence on fashion, entertainment, and culture. 

Being a part of this famous publication helped her to rise above cultural boundaries and leave a mark on the global stage. She does not limit herself to just magazines but she participated in the Playboy Miss Social Contest 2014 and was one of the finalists. This was appreciated as a historic moment because it was the first time that a model from Kerala reached such heights in any international contest and got recognition globally.

Her modeling career made her establish herself as one of the top models in India. Her numerous high-profile shoots, magazine publications, and campaigns solidified her position in the modeling industry.

Resmi Nair’s Net worth

If we talk about Resmi Nair’s net worth then it is estimated around 5 million. And her sources of income include modeling and acting.

Facts related to Resmi Nair

  • She was born and brought up in Kollam, Kerala.
  • She started her career as a model and then became an actress.
  • Her religion is Hinduism and belongs to a hindu family.
  • She is very active on her social media.
  • She is known to be an animal lover and has dogs and cats as her pets.
  • Her hobbies include watching movies, reading and traveling to new places.
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Resmi Nair Photos

Resmi Nair has been amazing as a model and her passion can be sensed from the photos displayed here for you. On social media, Resmi Nair photos-300 volume is also available. Here are few of her charming photos:


Personal Life of Resmi Nair

Resmi Nair model is an influencer figure who is called as one of the best models and actress for her enchanted charm. Away from the limelight, she has a fulfilling personal life. Resmi married Rahul Pasupalan and settled down in Kerala. The couple also has two children, Dwarak and Nangeli. 

Resmi keeps her personal life away from the media, known for her down-to-earth nature. Now she has an active presence on social media sharing her experiences, insights, and message of empowerment with her audience.

Resmi Nair Social Media Influencer 

Being a part of the modeling industry Resmi is also a passionate activist and social media influencer. She addresses societal issues, promotes self-love, and advocates for body positivity made her gain a dedicated number of followers. Her journey from an IT professional to getting recognition as an international model and activist inspires several people to fearlessly pursue their passion and take a stand and challenge societal norms.

Resmi Nair Co-founder of Kiss of Love Protest

As mentioned above Resmi Nair is also an activist, she is a co-founder of the Kiss of Love protest which is a nonviolent protest against moral policing in India. She and her husband led the first protest in Kochi and this sparked many rallies throughout Kerala. She is active on social media and shares her political views, comments and social initiatives.


It doesn’t matter at what age you start and what profession you choose, what matters is passion and skills. Resmir Nair age also did not define her love but her passion and dedication helped her achieve her dream. Her hard work, skills, and determination made her what she is today. Starting from an IT profession to reaching a niche in the film industry has been really inspirational for many. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Resmi Nair


Q1. What is Resmi Nait Twitter Id?

The twitter ID of Resmi Nair is @REsmi_R_Nair.

Q2. Is Resmi Nair married?

Yes Resmi Nair is Married to Rahul Pasupalan.

Q3. What is Resmi Nair age?

She is 31 years old.

Q4. What does Resmi Nair do?

Resmi is a model, South Indian actress, social media influencer, and activist.

Q5.Does Resmi Nwir know how to cook?

Yes, she has shared a post on Instagram with her mother cooking food with her.

Q6. Does Resmi Nair go for a workout?

As seen on Instagram we came across pictures that showed she goes to the gym and is a fitness freak.

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