Bringing Bollywood and the Gambling Scene Together


There is no doubt that Bollywood is known for its flamboyant flare, over-the-top plot twists, gorgeous cast members, and upbeat soundtracks that feature choreographed dance moves. In a non-competitive manner, Bollywood and Hollywood share some similarities. Both entertainment giants are passionate about A-list celebrities, but they also have an ongoing relationship with gambling. Keep reading as we examine the casino industry from the perspective of India’s celebrated entertainment titan.

Celebrating India’s Gambling Scene

There are several Bollywood films celebrating India’s gambling scene that we’re going to discuss in this article. In addition to enjoying these movies from home, have you considered playing the casino games mentioned in the movies as well?

With the help of the internet, India has become more connected than ever before. Hence, you will not have to search for a brick-and-mortar casino in the country. You can find a top selection of new online roulette casinos when your favorite Bollywood movie is over. Therefore, watch the movies mentioned in this article if you wish to get some gambling motivation or just want to enjoy some classic movie scenes.

Bollywood’s Best Casino Scenes

After learning how fascinated Bollywood is with the gambling industry, wouldn’t it be great to explore its productions that present the best casino scenes? If you answered yes, you will not be disappointed. The following movies offer exceptional casino scenes due to their action-packed and captivating nature.

Teen Patti

This Bollywood thriller was released in 2010. Among the film’s stars is Amitabh Bachchan as Venkat the professor, Ben Kingsley as Perci, the greatest mathematician, and Shraddha Kapoor as one of the three geek students.

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During Venkat’s stay in London, Perci invites him to a high-roller casino. He reveals to Perci a mathematical formula that could redefine probability and randomness forever, changing the world’s understanding of mathematics.

When Venkat submits his foolproof theory to the institute where he teaches, it is rejected. He confides to Shantanu, who sets up a team of geeky students to test his theory in real-life situations.

The three students and Shantanu assist Venkat in testing the theory. The theory succeeds as it has in previous trials. In an underground gambling den, party, and casino, Venkat agrees to experiment with the theory on Teen Patti after being persuaded by the young professor. Throughout the movie, you will watch how the theory’s success brings betrayal, blackmail, and greed.

The Gambler

One of the most famous gambling movies not only in India but around the world is The Gambler from 1971. As a young child, Raja (Dev Anand) is abandoned by his mother. While raising the boy as his son, the Master (a criminal don) teaches him the art of gambling. As Raja has no desire to live under the shadow of his Master, he decides to make his name as a gambler. Everything goes well, and the boy succeeds in a big way. The story involves Raja becoming wealthy and also finding love with Chandra Gangaram (played by Zaheeda).

Chandra’s dad opposes Raja and Chandra’s relationship. Chandra’s father believes Ram Mehta is the ideal suitor for his daughter. Raja is then convicted of murdering his Master (Jeevan).  


With Bollywood thrillers aside, Striker is a drama/action film. The Indian movie Striker was one of the most anticipated of 2010. It should not be surprising given that the film stars A-list actors such as Siddharth Narayan, Usha Jadhav, Padmapriya, and Aditya Pancholi in leading roles.

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It follows the story of Suryakant Sarang, who wins the Junior Carrom Championship at the age of twelve. Suryakant gives up playing Carrom, despite winning the local championship. Instead, he concentrates on saving up money so that he can travel to Dubai to find a better job.

As a result, Suryakant loses every penny he had saved when a rogue overseas employment agency dupes him. As our main character approaches the point where he crosses paths with Jaleel, who claims to be the king of illicit underground activities, his dreams of working in Dubai are now a thing of the past. As soon as Suryakant realizes he has nothing to lose, he decides to challenge Jaleel. In this way, he enters the world of gambling again.

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