The Bangladesh Premier League


Cricket is an extremely popular sport in many places across the world. One of them is Bangladesh, where there are a few interesting competitions. By deciding to visit bd betting site 1xBet it is possible to bet on all of them. The Bangladesh Premier League is one of these highly exciting and interesting competitions.

Normally, there are six teams that play each other twice throughout the regular phase of each season. After this regular phase, there is an exciting play-off stage. After the teams play this part of the competition, the two winners of each respective bracket on the play-off go into the Championship game. This is the name given to the final game, which is the one that decides the champion of a given season. Punters go to visit the betting site 1xBet bd to enjoy this competition and have unbeatable winning chances.

Creation of the competition

The Bangladesh Premier League is played in Twenty20 format. This is one of the most popular forms of cricket all across the world. The website  allows to place wagers in all its matches. The immediate success of the Twenty20 form of cricket convinced many people in Bangladesh that it was necessary to set up a competition of this kind in the country.

By following other models, such as the Indian Premier League, at the beginning of 2012 it was decided to officially establish the Bangladeshi competition. It was decided that it was going to have six teams, and 13 companies bidding for having the six teams that were going to be created. It was also determined that these six squads would be located in the six largest cities in the country. Thanks to the actions made on that day, it is possible to make a live cricket bet on 1xBet on this excellent competition.

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The participating squads

During most of the history of the Bangladesh Premier League, there have been six cricket teams which have taken part in it. All of them can be wagered on at the , which covers all their matches. The teams that have been in the most recent editions of the tournament are:

  • Cattogram Challengers;
  • Comilla Victorians;
  • Dhaka Stars;
  • Fortune Barishal;
  • Khulna Tigers;
  • and Sylhet Sunrisers.

All these squads offer some excellent entertainment throughout all the seasons of the Bangladesh Premier League. The Rajshani Royals, the Rangpur Rangers and the Dhaka team have been the most successful franchises in the competition. All the teams of the league are featured at 1xBet, where users can bet on all their matches.

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